@condor you are gonna break the record for scoring the fastest ++'s ever in devrant history . We all are "rooting" for you. We will all help you get that white tiger back soon.
P.s- did you see what I did there 😅😂 also hang in there we are here for you. I have been through some tough times and devrant community has always helped me get past that .

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    Thanks a lot! This community truly is one of a kind 🤗🤗
    And yeah I su what you did there 😛
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    @Haxk20 I know but I wanted to just let him know that we are with him. At least comments on this rant or any other rant by him will still help us to ++ him.
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    @Condor haha yours was way better. I completely "su" what you did there. Its good to know our rants "make" you happy.
    P.s- I tried, even I know it was shitty. Maybe I need to "sleep" now.
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