My first Windows rant.

I use Spotify heavily. (After all, I am paying for it every fucking month.) In fact, it's safe to say I use it upwards of 12+ hours a day.

My birthday was a few weeks ago. I got a new mechanical keyboard using some money i received as a gift. This keyboard has a function key to launch your media player. Odd function in my opinion. But I figured I would try it out for a week or so.

My problem is: the default media center is that god forsaken piece of shit groove music (not only is it shit, I also have 0 mp3 files on my computer).

No problem, I'll just change the default media center. Fucking Windows doesn't let me change it to Spotify. Odd. Well, I did download it from Spotify's website. Let's try downloading it from the Windows store.

I download Spotify from the Windows store. It still cannot be set to the default media center.

For fuck sake, if Google can let me set Spotify as my default over their shitty YouTube Music that I know damn well they're trying to make as the default for all Android, then you can let me change it Windows.

Yes, I know Spotfiy isn't exactly a media center, but it's basically the same fucking thing.

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    I typed this rant a few hours ago but accidentally cut all the text before i could copy it. So rip.
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    Hah at least I'm not alone. Windows would not change any of my defaults. Click em.. No change. Reboot, retry, no change. Fucking piece of arse. Almost like they intentionally make some peoples not change just to keep at least >some< of the population using default...

    Groove should just fucking die.
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    Which keyboard did u get, is it cherry mx blue, clikaty clack
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    Out of curiosity, does your keyboard have pause /skip functionality? My corsair k70 does, and those media buttons do work as long as Spotify is already open. Just curious
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    @Rundle Those keys work with Spotify just fine. Absolutely love them, as I was used to using the same keys on my laptop.

    @pollux It's blue equivalents. (Redragon K552 KUMARA is the keyboard.)
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    @Stuxnet Agreed, the buttons make it so much more convenient. The o Ly problem I have, is I wish I could map the volume scroll wheel on my keyboard. I have multiple virtual audio lines setup, and that screws with the functionality.
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    @dontbeevil I used to have ~700 mp3s on an external HDD. I used it often.

    It sucks ass.
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    The problem is that Spotify isn't a media player because it doesn't open mp3s and such. It can index them and add them to your library, but can't directly open them. That's why you can't set it as a media player since the windows defaults are used to decide how to open files.

    I'm pretty sure if you got key binding software you can rebind that button to open a custom application.
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    first google result when searching for 'windows bind media player key to spotify:' https://community.spotify.com/t5/...

    (worked on my keyboard btw)
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    @thoxx Fuck my life that was too easy lol.

    Thanks a lot lol
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    @thoxx Also, which one did you do? I did the one that changed the default for .mp3 files to Spotify. (Last one)
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    That's the workaround I'm using too :-)
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    Can’t you bind shortcuts or keys to custom scripts/executables/commands?
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    @linuxxx I probably could. But being this is my main laptop, it makes me extremely nervous to fuck around with things I don't know.

    The last thing I need is to break my laptop somehow (I have god awful luck) when I'll barely be able to pay rent in August and September lol
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    @Stuxnet How would that fuck up things? I bind many thins to shells scripts :)
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    @linuxxx I have no clue. But if it can be fucked up, it'll happen with me.

    Plus I did already fix it my setting Spotify the default for mp3 files. (Definitely embarrassed I didn't think of that on my own. In my defense I was running off minimal sleep like usual lol)
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