Guys, i found it, the peak of modern technology. This usb cable can be inserted either way and it works (and it's not usb c) . I don't know how does it handle inverse polarity but it works !

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    I have a similar cable for my JBL Bluetooth headset. Works both sides. Love it 😂
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    i mean, it'd just flip the cables.
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    @shahlin yep it came with the jbl flip 2

    @c3ypt1c you'd waste a second of your life: if you plug a cable 3/4 times per day in 20 days you'd have wasted a minute, ~2 minutes per month, in a year 24 minutes, in a bit more than 2 years a whole hour wasted flipping cables...... Or it is just useful to have around ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯
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    @exelix that's not really what i meant. like. flip the cables as in the cables connecting the usb. like there are 2 pins on both up on parts of the port. they flip cables and then join them to the correct ones so they're connected properly at all times. but yeah, that implied I'd do something i hate to do.
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    @c3ypt1c ops my bad i misunderstood
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    @exelix it's fine. i was the one who poorly explained :)
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    OnePlus 2 came with a reversible USB A connector
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    It contains small auto-polarity circuit inside.
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    Wow, that means you have only to try two times to insert it, not three as before.
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