8th day on the job:
1st Project: 90% done.
2nd Project: 5% done.
3rd Project: 5% done.
4th Project: not started.

I think I will be burned faster than I expected

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    you did 4 projects in 8 days ? or am I getting this wrong?
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    @treasure I got 4 projects in 8 days but didn’t finish them yet .. the percentage of the completed project is next to it
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    How on earth can you work on 4 projects at the same time?

    Either whoever gives you these projects has no idea how development works or you need to learn how to say "NO".

    I'm telling you all this with a good heart 🙂
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    @treasure well, in my situation the manager he’s the one who can say no normal employees can’t say no lol However, their deadlines aren’t near from each other. However, I will be out of energy soon 🤣
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    Hells' bells, only thing I would advise is to do one at a time, better to have one done than have several half-way done. But I feel for you and wish you the best. =(
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    @CoffeePanda thank you, that’s what I am planning to do
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