It seems people have loads of time, as so much is spent on this platform. It would be interesting to find out how much total time spent here every day!

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    Multiple hours a day here :')
    It helps though when there's some long ass command running and can't just put it in the background to do something else... That's generally when I go "oh, let's see what happened on devRant :3"
    .. Aand notice that I forgot to add a beep at the end of that long ass command and completely forgot to check how it's completed hours ago :')

    Time well spent :v
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    "let me check dR while this runs...but I'll only spend 5 minutes here I swear, for real this time"
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    @rutee07 lol. Do you check pornhub while in Long ass boring meeting?
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    Last 7 days: and my gf was home most of the week :
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    @2lazy2debug almost nothing! People clock more than that in day...
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    @yendenikhil i didn’t add computer time
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