scrum my ass! the whole company(especially the marketing) must be aware and agree with this methodology and not only the devs.

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    When we implemented Agile at work I thought it'll really make the workflow more... *Agile*, you know? In the end, I think a lot of it is idiotic bureaucracy. And I hate the fucking Scrum-Master role with a passion; why the flying fuck is it mandatory?

    the fuckin' fuck!!
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    @wannabee agree! and also most of the management guys don't give a f! as long as the team or sometimes a person deliver the project with the latest features they just requested.
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    @bhanung43 yeah, we had quite a few such scenarios happen. But in all fairness, we agreed upon the scope change, as we strive to set the Sprint velocity a bit towards the relaxed end of the scale, to allow us bug fixing and R&D.
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    Where i work we say we work "Agile" meaning we work with multiple reflections with the client about the application.

    This all meaning that we dont have a scrum master and we dont have standups etc. either, we just make sure we all know who is working on what and how far we are with what we are working on.

    Works surprisingly well!
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    I can't help thinking that a lot of Scrum is intended as a transitional state to a more flexible, productive communication system, but the creators pranked the less creative corporate structures by never explicitly saying that as things improve you can change things to be even more agile and adaptive.
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