Why the fuck these managers can’t understand that you can’t build a full blown system with in a week. After building a demo driven application to show the client you can tell the client we are fucking ready to launch the damn thing . I FUCKING MENTIONED BEFORE GOING TO THE MEETING ITS NOT RELEASE READY GOD DAMN IT.

Now when I say we can’t launch this app we need to fix things . THE FUCKING MANAGER HAS THE GUTS TO SAY “one day is enough to fix the issues right ? Shouldn’t be a big deal for you to fix this” .

Kill me now 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    Kill -9 treasure
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    Is there a way to get someone above your manager to understand that your manager seems unable to tell the difference between a demo and a functional system? It seems like that would be useful information for your company to know.
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    dude, sorry to hear that, i always had perception of 'manager' jobs to be bullshit jobs. i really hope that some on higher instance will understand with what kind of douche you have to deal with! good luck!
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    I’m starting to believe that they do understand and it’s all psychological to get you to work “harder”. In other words, like a slave.
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    @powerfulparadox the sad thing is the manager knows the difference between a demo system and a functioning system. but because this works he thinks this is functioning and we are trying to get more time fix unnecessary things.
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    Sorry to hear that, unfortunately this situation is more common than it should be.
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    @is-not-null I would still consider him to not know the difference between the two, since it was the demo system you were showing. It may only be in this case and not in general, but he is being fooled by the demo when he shouldn't be.
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