I just spent 2 hours straight browsing for a new phone case and still haven't made up my mind. Why am I so indecisive!

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    I once walked around a store with a for 30 minutes holding a $10 t-shirt deciding if it's worth it or not 🙃

    I feel your pain.
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    Choice fatigue. That's not what it's called, but basically when there's too much to choose from - it's so much harder to make a decision. Try limiting your choices and the possibilities.
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    Yep, Im currently looking for a cabin bag to take on my upcoming trip. Spent a total of 6hours over 3 days. Still no closer to a decision.
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    dbrand it
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    @Kimmax That is limiting possible choices! 😁
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    I have opposite problem, I know 99% of the occasions exactly what I want and then no one sells it or just ran out or you have to order it from other side of the planet which takes forever.
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    haha recognisable, u dont want to fuck up the look and feel of a 3-400€ phone with a €10 case
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