which linux distro do you prefer for ML? what are the initial configurations you would made?

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    I mostly work using tensorflow
    And I'm still using Ubuntu 16.04
    There wasn't anything special for initial configuration
    I just installed tensorflow GPU to get good performance
    As far as DE is concerned, I use KDE.

    Let me know if you need anything more
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    @FancyDeveloper I am facing problems in installing tensorflow library in ubuntu. I am trying from past 7-8 hours. I need to change the distro now I think. which one would be great?
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    ArCh liNuX

    But seriously, why would the distro affect how good it is at ML?
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    @j4cobgarby By good I meant which has more repositories and is user friendly.
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    @HarshGaur Manjaro, then? User friendly, and had the AUR with loads of repos
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    @j4cobgarby I was trying to install tensorflow on ubuntu for the past 9 hours and have failed all the time. Does manjaro has such libraries and repositories?
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    @HarshGaur yep, I got it working on manjaro first try
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    @j4cobgarby e.g. sudo pacman -S python-tensorflow tensorflow tensorflow-cuda
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    @j4cobgarby Thanks buddy. I will try arch first, if things still go south I would change to manjaro.
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