Hi, I'm currently taking a software dev course and curious to try using linux for software development. There's tons of linux distros and my question is, what's the best or ideal linux distro for it?

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    whichever makes you comfortable and productive
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    Potentially pick one that oriented to what you want to do. Do a little research into what each distro is geared too.
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    Arch!! If you're lucky you might get a peek of Betty or Veronica. 😂
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    @balheru wut? can you clarify what do you.mean with that.. every distro has compliers, runtimes, libraries and dev dependencies
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    go with ubuntu or fedora
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    @mrtn !ubuntu or fedora

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    Start with Debian-based systems like Ubuntu or mint. Once you learn your way around the shell, try arch.
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    @dev-nope for example CentOS is oriented towards a secure environment for servers amongst other things. A lot less flexibility and support for third party packages. Some that are focused on long term support and stability. Some that are experimental and bleeding edge. Etc etc
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    There are a few major differences between distros that really are the only reason to choose one over the other.

    first and foremost is initd vs systemd

    the king of all current wars.

    I preferably like systemd, mainly because I think it is easier to use.

    Don't tell that to Linux Torvauld's also there is rumor NSA has it backdoored.

    Second is package manager, this is almost as important as initd or systemd. You don't want to compile packages from source all the time, it sucks. Plus it needs to have good support for package builds. So you don't have to compile anything from source and you make your own build script.

    I use Arch specifically for pacman, I think it is best package manager ever.

    Third, ummm.....well those are my two most important considerations.

    Which is why I am an Arch Fanboy.

    Oh Third, is it a rolling release or a set release.

    I hate set releases as you have to wait for the latest and greatest. Rolling releases are the way to go, again why I love Arch.
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    I'd say take Antergos and once you are comfortable with it do an Arch install 🙂
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    The same question all over again.

    Google "Linux Distros" and take a look at all of it. Pick one that looks cool and install.

    It really doesn't matter which distro you should use at the first time. Just pick one and enjoy the freedom :)

    Note: Have a separate partition for your /home folder, you will thank me later.
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