I do some freelancing on the site, make a bit of cash and it's a bit different to the day job.

It can itself be pretty dull or boring, but at least I can drop the client when the project's over and try to find something interesting.

Anyways, I'm logged into a client Google account to do some domain admin on a GSuite account. Logged into Incognito so that it doesn't interrupt my usual session.

Get a bit distracted and sidetracked, end up searching for porn... in Incognito... in the client's session! 💀

Quickly clear search history and hope that does it!

Tell me someone else has done this too??

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    @Bitwise It took me a bit of time to even realise what I'd done, when coming back to actually doing work! I could so easily have not noticed!

    Yeah I went in through the Google Account settings... I couldn't think of much more that I could do really. Hoping that's enough 🤞
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    You might want to check https://myactivity.google.com and delete a few things...
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    @fordtaunus tfw you have to negotiate getting the 2fa code a week later... 🙈

    "Just wanting to check everything's still good!"
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