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    What if I use the browser search bar for small calculations?
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    Hoo shit!
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    I would actually enter even simple stuff like 57 + 1 or cos(90) into the calculator because I have zero faith in myself when it comes to calculations xD
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    quick maths
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    iirc the windows calculator does have a history
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    We program for a reason. Why calculate yourself if you can let a computer do it :D
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    My good one has and it's nothing short of awful


    Just to make sure
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    Better to use angular for that tho, all dem lovely {{}}
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    I used to calculate everything with calculators. Then, during a maths exam I had this courageous moment and decided that I can divide 9 by 2. Needless to say I wrote 3.5. Ever since I've been calculating EVERYTHING with a calculator, no exceptions.
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    I use a TI-nspire CX as my primary dingus, and that can be configured to have a history.
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    New idea:

    Venmo has made paying your friends into a social network to publicize your transactions to the world and everyone one loves it! (Can't think of anyone one who doesn't like the idea. It's revolutionary)

    We must do this to every app, starting of course, with calc!

    And we can add a shaming feature where you make fun of your friends for simple calculations!
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    bcs I use private window ;)
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    I don't get that specific sum
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    I am embarrassed of myself, but mathematics is tough what can you do 🤷‍♂️
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    My fear: you want to calculate the sum of a bunch of numbers. Hundred maybe so you type them one by one.


    Obviously easier than by hand. But it stores them as a+b only:


    And you just look like a complete fucking idiot.
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    @RememberMe simple stuff like cos(90)?
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    @bcye yeah, it's 0, if you take the argument in degrees (not radians)
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