Fed up with my windows becoming too slow, I decided to go for a fresh start.

Now it's stuck here from past 1 hour

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    Does it even work? I usually go with format cuz I never trust those solutions from M$
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    It would have been faster to boot off the install media and do a full fresh install
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    @gitpush Yes it does. Tried and tested. Though it took about 2.5 hrs
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    @xkill a format would have taken less tbh. I don't trust it because registry will still contain keys that should have been removed and it will drive windows crazy
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    As an (ex) windows domain admin, I can confirm that, among many other reasons. Restore points / etc. helped occasionally, but always always always introduced other issues. Usually minor annoyances, sometimes enough to require a reinstall. I eventually disabled them entirely because it was just never worth the unknown troubles they would cause. Especially on the managers' computers since they demanded more privileges, and therefore screwed up their machines faster, and would attempt the reverts themselves. Sometimes multiple in a row. Ergh. Stories for another day.
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