Today we reached 30 "dev-ghosting" episodes since the beginning of the year.

What is "dev-ghosting"?

It's every time a developer decides to completely disappear from a recruitment procedure instead of just texting "Hey, I am no longer interested in your offer".

You can call them as many times as you want, even if they were supposed to be at your office 2 hours ago for negotiating the salary after dozens of "I'd love to join your company as soon as possible": they are gone.


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    @ArcaneEye I don't think so. My company offers recruiting services for IT companies / startups in the area and we try to be extremely honest with the people we contact.

    We usually schedule informal meetings at client's office so that the candidates can see if the environment fits their preferences before the actual interviews. They are also allowed to stop the procedure at any time, they just have to tell us.

    These 30 ghosts, on the contrary, just disappeared. They didn't show up for their interviews || never sent the signed contracts back || avoided calls, emails, texts.
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