I'm no longer quitting with formal letters.

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    Contractually binding memes... I like that idea!
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    @Alice "You can accept me never stepping foot in this building again."
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    Fuck, I'd love to see your boss his face after seeing this
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    @MrWouter I can't speak for him, but my boss is pretty much a reallife version of Fry from Futurama. So I'm fairly confident that I could resign with a meme. lol
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    @MrWouter this is a repost from reddit, the guy that posted this isnt even in tech
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    @Stuxnet its not a social media...??? Do you even know what even is reddit...
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    Print a sheet of paper with a letter of choice on it. When he asks what’s with the letter, say it’s your letter of resignation.
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    Thug life uhhhh🤪
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    and that is why you are not the boss ;)
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    I separated from my last three jobs by simply leaving my employee necklace with ID attached in the overstuffed inbox outside their closed door. So much more mature than sending a group email to everybody concerned, telling them what they already knew to be true.
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    @Stuxnet it's a forum Platform for communities, if you can't appreciate it doesn't mean it's garbage.
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