Most fun I've hade in month

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    Will take a look
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    aannnnd ludacris is in my head
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    Fuck I lost the game
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    @non-binary we all did

    we all did
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    @non-binary damn it!!! 3 years. 3 YEARS!!! Damn!!!
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    I don't understand lol
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    @gitpush there are only two rules to the game.

    1) you must forget you are playing. If you remember, you lose.
    2) if you lose, you must announce that you lose to anybody around you

    That is all.

    Oh, you will almost certainly encounter somebody who knows the person which invented the game - they don’t. Seriously, they haven’t got a clue.
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    @oudalally I still don't understand what game and what is in OP rant lol
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    Fuck you

    It has been years
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    @gitpush it’s s vulnerability in HP integrated lights out. It sure exactly what the vulnerability allows you to do as I don’t have a prolient anymore but it’s an authentication issue.

    The game is exactly what I just explained.
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    @gitpush @oudalally

    Tried it myself, it is a great flaw.
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    @Linux oh shit, you can execute from it? Hahahah. Smooth going HP, really slick!!
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    @oudalally @Linux I don't see what's fun about that tbh
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    @gitpush it's fun cos I can comment and like 1/2 people lose, and the other half start playing :)
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    @gitpush It’s not a game you play for fun, it’s simply a mind game.
    What’s fun is when you leave hidden notes for people (such as at the bottom of their coffee cup, or on their desktop wallpaper) to make them lose.

    It can be amusing, but mostly it’s a pointless mind game.

    You cannot chose to play, you are now playing. Whether you chose to announce that you lose when it happens is your call, but one day, something will remind you and you will lose.

    Part of the amusement of it is to see how widespread it is. It’s such a simple concept but really quite comical at times.
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    @gitpush I presume you mean that you don’t get what’s fun about the game, rather than the exploit?
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    @non-binary @oudalally I understand now, still find no good reason for it lol sorry I'm a fun killer sometimes :/
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    @oudalally yup, now to the exploit, what does it do?
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    I can add and manage superadmin accounts with a simple post request. All that is needed is curl
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    @Linux oh no biggie 😨😓
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    What is this exploit about? How do I execute it?

    @non-binary what does the game have to do with the exploit?

    someone explain!!
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    I thought originally that OP was trolling us with a fake exploit, which explains the first replies of this thread. As in when you Google the exploit, you'd get a prank, "the game" or something..

    I was disappointed, because there is no real prank but a real exploit
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    @oudalally I clicked the link and instantly lost :'(
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    @kreijstal hahahaha. Thats a new way to look at it... Nope, sadly, just a real exploit here. shit got way too real ;)
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