Aah, my life is complete now ^^

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    Nice symbolic behaviour!
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    @hugh-mungus it's WSL, so subsystem. It still has quite a few quirks and optimization issues, but overall it's been getting better and better everyday :)
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    For some reason I think nobody with a real Linux could do this xD
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    @ozelentsov rEaL LenOx yOU sAy? :3
    Just snapped this one from one of my many Arch hosts :)
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    Hey! What is that console font?
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    @allankibet Monofur for Powerline :)
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    Blessings!! @Condor
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    Please use zsh!
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    @wolfram my usual zsh Powerline setup is worse than a snail in WSL... However if you're curious about what I usually run in zsh, feel free to check out https://gitlab.com/irc.condor/... :)
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    Isnt that the ubuntu app from windows store??😏
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    @saurabh000345 Exactly! I do use the "real Linux" as well though. Just that none of the hardware I'm running it on is very suitable for a GUI session.. my HP laptop running Arch has terrible cooling performance (will take that apart at some point and make it a desktop thingy I guess), my server running Proxmox is.. well, a server. And my mailers are running on VPS's on which I'd be getting terrible VNC performance, and servers aren't really known to run GUI's on them. So yeah... My laptop is the best candidate for a GUI session, but in its current state it's no good for anything but a terminal session.

    Generally I don't like the WSL though, since it's got these weird copy-paste keybindings. Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-V are quite hard to unlearn actually! I wish that conhost would at some point be rewritten to allow for these key combinations to be bound instead.. but then, Windows has this IE kinda reputation to hold high of course.
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