I find many of the peculiarities about our kind (developer) to be amusing.

Here is one I have seen too many times to count...

You ask a group of developer something like...

“We have a project built using X, Y and Z. We are looking at integrating the “example framework” to solve a specific problem. Do you have any experience with “example framework” or would you suggest another framework?”

Inevitably you get the same useless response of “Why are you using X, Y, and Z. It’s so <insert generic complaint here>!” Followed with no actual attempt to answer the question asked...

Listen, I know some of us a socially awkward (I can be) and I know we like to debate and argue.

But, if someone asks you a specific technical question about an existing product, either...

1. Answer the question with your experience
2. Declare that you do not have experience with it
3. Shut your fucking childish mouth

No one cares about how you feel about the size of the underlying technology in existing products! What do you expect?

“OMG, we didn’t realize X technology as 100mb large! Hold on while we go and reengineer our entire product base because of this fucking revelation you just told us!”

You may want to hear your own voice but the rest of us would prefer it if you would shut your mouth if you have nothing useful to add.

(Reads as: we would prefer is you fucked right off!)

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    It's annoying to hear people bash one technology over another. It works for person A, but it might not be for person B. No big deal, there's almost always an alternative. Just because person A like his technology more, doesn't make it any better or worse than person B's.

    Never understood OS wars or language vs language wars. Everything has it's niche and purpose. Just let people use whatever gets their job done.

    I'm definitely being a hypocrite with this one, as I've bashed my fair share of other people's technology choice. But over all, i try to follow what I'm saying.
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    @Stuxnet Well said.

    I certainly think the evaluation of technologies is a good endeavour, as long as we are all aware of the situation.

    Sure, the front end may be built in Angular1 and yes, React is way better. (Just an example) but Angular was the best tool they chose at the time and now wasting time arguing about it is a waste of everyone’s time.

    I get the feeling you feel my sentiment completely.
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    @leanrob Absolutely.

    "I'm having *issue* on windows 10, can you help me?"
    >>Use Linux.
    No. Fuck off, I didn't ask for that. I asked for help with my issue.

    (As you pointed out) "I'm planning on learning *quite literally any language*, can you suggest a good book or tutorial?"
    >>Learn this language instead.
    No. Fuck you too. You're being an unbearable asshole.

    I get that communities of people with common interests leads to factions of people that like one side over another (such as console vs PC vs mobile in the gaming community), but that doesn't mean you should be an unbearable asshole.

    If you absolutely just have to give your two cents at another choice, then the appropriate way to offer it is something like this:
    "It's 100% your choice, however, perhaps you should try *your choice*. It can *persuasive bullshit lol*. But as I said, totally up to you."
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