Conversation between [C]oworker and... some kind of customer-side [P]roject manager.

P: Hey, our release 2.0 is ready, but somehow I can't add tag to master. Could you try, please?
C: Yeah, sure.... Done... We are missing tag for 1.2 still, should we add it?
P: Oh, right, I forgot about that.
C: Ok, found merge... Done.
P: *displaying repo in GitBlit* Uh, now the order is wrong. And date is the same. Can we do something about that?
Me: We can just push that tag with replaced date. *just guessing*
P&C: You can do that??
Me: Sure
Me.thinking: Thats git... I would be suprised if we could not.
Me: *pushing tag* Check it now.
P: Whoa, nice!

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    Haha, it's awesome showing people how you can change commit times to make it look like they did it earlier, they're always like "woah"
  • 7
    You can change commit times???????
    Fuck, and all my teachers are like "I won't take into account any commit made after xx/yy at aa:bb". And now you mean I could have had a few hours more?
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    @Brosyl yup, you can change every previous commit. Dates, commit content, message, author, Linus knows what you cannot change
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    @ChainsawBaby Now that I know that, I just hope that teachers don't have access to logs (it's a school hosted gitlab).
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    I'm pretty sure our submission repositories were locked automatically at a certain time, so it doesn't matter for me :/
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