I wish Outlook had autocomplete...

Isn't it time even Word and other apps support basic autocomplete..?

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    I would hate that. Just point mistakes and let me choose whether or not to correct them, but please don't change my text without my consent! I already hate smartphones for that
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    @TheOct0 yes, I don't want it to correct like "autocorrect". Just show me a list of suggestions and let me choose from it.
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    @Raamakrishnan Well that's already there as grammar correction, isn't it?
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    @Raamakrishnan Or do you mean autocomplete, like IDEs?
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    IIRC, LibreOffice has this functionality. It shows you a popup or something with a word that starts with the letters you are typing, then you press enter key and it will complete that word.
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    "Fuck Microshaft, I really meant shaft not soft! You aren't soft! Now don't shaft me like that!"
    There's already plenty of that autocorrect shit out there.. sometimes useful, often annoying as fuck :/ email clients should really not get it. Especially since basic proofreading before sending your message can go a long way.
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    @TheOct0 yes like that!

    @Condor I'm not talking about autocorrect. I'm talking about autocomplete like "IntelliSense". Just a quick way to write things.

    @cafecortado will check that out!
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    @Raamakrishnan gibe de Big Data plz for natural language processing Blockchain AI (:
    Honestly though, autocomplete on desktop.. on mobile I can understand it since typing on glass is shit.. but when you've got a full keyboard at your disposal? Eh, not worth the extra data provision IMO.
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    @Condor well, you use auto complete in your IDEs...
    And btw, what are those random words in your comment?
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    I don't use autocomplete in my editor either 🙂 I'm using vim here. Syntax highlighting and automatic indenting is all I need.
    As for the random buzzwords, my apologies for the brainfart 😅
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    @Condor Even vim has amazing plugins for autocomplete. Just saying, if you feel like using it anytime
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