What was the biggest lies you heard about programming or programmers life.

Mine was: “programming is easy and high paying job.”
No it is not.

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    Easy? No.

    High paying job? That's conditional, and usually just depends where you go.

    Also, high paying is 100% opinion based.

    To someone working minimum wage (in NC it's $7.75), a salary of $30k is likely to be seen as high paying. But for me, I don't think that's very high paying, considering my rent will range from somewhere around $750+.
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    @DudeCoder whats up with randomly mentioning android in the middle of a sentence?
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    @DudeCoder when you typed "nothing is easy and nothing is hard" it autocorrected to Android instead of and lol.

    Took me a second to understand your comment, but I got it.
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    @DudeCoder not even an Android developer lol. I just type it so much it's often suggested (in the top bar of the gboard) instead of and lol
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    You need to learn calculus to be a programmer. My math education goes up to Trig and Statistics but I skipped Calculus and I'm fine. Now Algebra? That is an absolute need to learn.

    Can't really comment on lifestyle really. I don't know of any given stereotypes.
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    @starrynights89 Idk if you took some advanced stats classes or not, but I just finished taking intro stats. And holy shit that's the easiest "math" class I ever took.

    The most math I did was mean/median/mode/range with a few other things just kinda sprinkled in lmao.
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    @starrynights89 i have a friend 31 years old, finished his cs phd in 2017, very smart man and he never uses math in programming.

    i think the only time you need to know math is if you want to be a data scientist or work in ai field
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    all programmers have higher IQ.

    no. some of them, but not all
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    The only thing missing from that is the "pick one" at the end.
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    code once and run anywhere frameworks... *cough*
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    "Drupal is the best framework around, and saves you hours of coding"
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