What was the biggest lies you heard about programming or programmers life.

Mine was: “programming is easy and high paying job.”
No it is not.

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    Easy? No.

    High paying job? That's conditional, and usually just depends where you go.

    Also, high paying is 100% opinion based.

    To someone working minimum wage (in NC it's $7.75), a salary of $30k is likely to be seen as high paying. But for me, I don't think that's very high paying, considering my rent will range from somewhere around $750+.
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    Nothing is easy android nothing is hard... It's all upon on person..

    I can show you 10 people who say swimming is easy and 10 who say that's hard...

    I can show you 10 people who say programming is easy and 10 who say that's hard...

    Now is swimming hard or easy?
    Now is programming hard or easy?

    Noone can tell!!!

    We all are wearing our own goggles of illusion. That's why someone say that something is hard and other say that is easy!

    But the reality is Nothing is easy android nothing is hard!
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    That *insert name of new technology or approach* will be the next big thing and change everything.

    Java is still huge, C++ is still the defacto for any high performance software, and IE just won't go away.

    Delphi sadly isn't around much these days, and C# has turned up and HTML5 and CSS have become big, but other than that, mostly nothing has changed.

    Browsers still need specific implementations, flash is apparently immortal, windows still use COM objects for EVERYTHING, OOP is still the norm (shame, aspect orientation is decent) and frameworks come and go, merge and disband and yet we still haven't got a decent catch all project.

    The industry picks up on a new buzz word, everyone goes crazy for it, then realises that it's not the right tool for the job, and goes after the next one.

    In the mean time, the C++ and Java (and now C#) devs just keep working in the background.
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    I've been doing this job for 16 years now, and programming for over 25 years in total.

    Nothing much has changed in that time. Prolog, LISP, Haskell aren't new, nor are C, C++.

    Java was new when I started, and everything ran in applets for web stuff, but other than OS integration, that hasn't changed a great deal.

    We're led to believe that software is a bleeding edge field of study, yet most advances are either experimental or esoteric, and so few actually make it into the industry as useable implementations.

    Look at D as a language. Logical evolution of C++, but more rational, yet so few companies use it compared to C++. Why? Legacy code.

    As long as people aren't willing to restart a project from scratch (and lets face it, who really wants to), the industry will continue to plod along slowly, gathering more and more dust.
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    @DudeCoder whats up with randomly mentioning android in the middle of a sentence?
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    @interstellar... What do you mean?
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    @DudeCoder when you typed "nothing is easy and nothing is hard" it autocorrected to Android instead of and lol.

    Took me a second to understand your comment, but I got it.
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    @Stuxnet It sounds like a line from a poem.

    "Nothing is easy Android, Nothing is hard".

    It's almost like a Voltaire line.....
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    @Stuxnet. LMAO..... I can't even edit that now!!!!! 😂😂😂
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    @interstellar... I'm an android developer... So I very frequently type android from my keyboard.... That's why when I was using swipe in my keyboard it generated "Android" from "and"...

    Freaking MACHINE LEARNING!!!!!!
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    @DudeCoder not even an Android developer lol. I just type it so much it's often suggested (in the top bar of the gboard) instead of and lol
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    You need to learn calculus to be a programmer. My math education goes up to Trig and Statistics but I skipped Calculus and I'm fine. Now Algebra? That is an absolute need to learn.

    Can't really comment on lifestyle really. I don't know of any given stereotypes.
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    @starrynights89 Idk if you took some advanced stats classes or not, but I just finished taking intro stats. And holy shit that's the easiest "math" class I ever took.

    The most math I did was mean/median/mode/range with a few other things just kinda sprinkled in lmao.
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    @starrynights89 i have a friend 31 years old, finished his cs phd in 2017, very smart man and he never uses math in programming.

    i think the only time you need to know math is if you want to be a data scientist or work in ai field
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    all programmers have higher IQ.

    no. some of them, but not all
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    The only thing missing from that is the "pick one" at the end.
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    code once and run anywhere frameworks... *cough*
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