I'm kinda amazed at how simple it is to host my private git server on my raspberry pi. That being said I couldn't get it to work well as an access point with hostapd. Therefore pushing and pulling while on my home wifi works like a charm, but doing this in public requires ethernet. Having an Ethernet run from outside my backpack really does make me look like some hacker terrorist person, especially in NYC

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    Can we see pictures?
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    Place it at home and access it with ZeroTier or Tor-Hidden-Services.
    That's how I've done it.
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    I second @Stuxnet
    A picture would be nice to spot the terrorist beforehand! :D
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    @Stuxnet it's so nifty and simple! Also this angle is fairly lowkey
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    @anyhus Gotta watch out for hackerman terrorists like you
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    @anyhus I'm not used to OPs delivering. That's... That's a weird feeling!

    (Thank you for the picture ;))

    EDIT: I just realised that you have the same watch as your avatar. I'm impressed.
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    @Stuxnet facts, also nice name btw, you are quite damaging

    @Jilano I forgot you can edit details like that on your avatar, devrant is so cool
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