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Do ppl really think we know every single big apps error codes?!?!
Isint tht Googles job, I Google errors and solutions every day for like 1015 times.


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    Why is there such a large gap between everything? That'd definitely return an error lol
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    @Stuxnet just how Twitter works man, Idk
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    @dovydasbere I meant your text on the rant
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    @Stuxnet oh 🧠=☕️
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    Developers most of the time don't know how to write programs, let alone know every error code.
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    @kpenc I mean, the group chat the person was writing is made out of:
    Chaileb (skilled Java Dev)
    Me ( swift Dev)
    Baran (unity Dev)
    & and other devs who do web stuff (me included)

    We sometimes mention our creations so I understand why this person thought we would know the answer...

    I mean heck, If there was a switch that would send the knowledge to me of every big apps main error codes, I would flick tht flickityflick
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    There is too much meme in my feed... I'm disappointed.
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