Finally decided on a distro to begin with!
I have been looking at a lot of distros lately and didn't really know what I want or need in depths. So I chose KDE neon, I know it's not like a full featured distro, but I think it will be good for the start and I'll find out what I need and then will probably transist to a distro with my needs in a few months.

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    Honestly thought this was gonna be a rant about a broken screen from the photo.
    Good luck on your journey
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    @jespersh no I was just to lazy to turn on the lights for the pic, so I tried to balance between focusing on the screen and keyboard :D
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    Actually kde neon isn't a bad choice. It's a very good distro for beginners, and doesn't hold back on the things you can do.
    Good luck!
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    After one year or so, try to level up :)
    Good choice
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    @AndSoWeCode I’m not a beginner but I use it everywhere myself. KDE Neon 😍
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    I wouldn't consider myself a beginner when it comes to Linux but I'm still using KDE neon. Not on my main computer, I'm using Arch there, but on my laptop for university because I need the reliability that neon, being based on Ubuntu LTS offers.
    Worst thing about neon is the ancient software in the repositories. They should finally update to a 18.04 base
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    Welcome to the marvel that is KDE Plasma.

    I considered Neon for my latest Linux install (I'm a firm believer that Plasma is doing desktop software right), but I needed some software not in their repositories and the combination of divergence from standard Ubuntu (making adding additional repositories more complex than I wanted to deal with) and my absence from Ubuntu-based systems for years now (changes to core functionality commands) led me back to Manjaro KDE. I still want to make Neon work at some point, but it will be in a toy VM to play with, not as my main driver.
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