So, apparently, in 2015 our webhost (ixwebhosting) was purchased by Site5... This week, they finally migrated us to Site5 servers without warning, taking my email down in the process...

Today, after following the instructions in their own KB article (that tells you to click an icon that doesn't exist,) and chatting with support for over an hour, I was told that the new system they migrated us to doesn't support catch-all email accounts... At all... It's simply not possible to receive an email that was sent to your domain, unless the email address exists in the system somewhere... Despite the fact that it's a standard cPanel feature, that the old and new systems both use cPanel, that every other webhost I have ever seen that uses cPanel has this feature available, AND the fact that this is an important feature for a lot of websites, because they pipe all of their emails to a script for processing... It's simply not possible... They won't be providing that feature anymore. Nor for that matter is it possible to be migrated back...

They migrated accounts to a system that has a basic email function intentionally disabled, without warning... And we can't afford to open an account with someone else ATM... So I can't get any email until we get migrated... FML

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    Move your email/mx records to another provider? e.g. https://improvmx.com
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    NEVER host DNS, Email or Website on the same server.
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    @JoshBent That's the plan, and thanks for pointing me to improvmx, I hadn't heard of them before. But unfortunately they are a complete ghost. No info about who they are, and more importantly, no privacy policy... :/
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    @On-fire they are around for quite a while and with the new laws passing, you won't find any whois on almost anybody, not sure what alternative you would have, besides if you've bought on namecheap, to set it up there.
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    @error503 I tend to agree with you on that, but unfortunately, right now I simply can't afford to pay another service to do what a service I am already paying for is offering. Not that they are offering that anymore... :/
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    @JoshBent Not really worried so much about what their whois says. Above board or not, you shouldn't make me resort using whois to figure out if you are legit, or file a security concern, or find it what your privacy policy is, etc... Website footers and about us pages are about more then just the copyright line...
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    @On-fire I feel sorry for you.
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    @JoshBent So, whole digging around trying to figure out what the hell runs improvmx.com I found out about forwardmx.io they aren't free, but they have a 30 day trial that can at least get me up long enough to figure something out... So thanks again for that! :)
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    @On-fire forwardmx looks even sketchier, but you're welcome 😅
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