Dear those who did microsoft sharepoint front-end,

Fuck you

P.S. There is still 3 levels of iframe and table, but I can't show it because it contains data

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    Never done it but seems a lot...... depressing
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    @xkill if the client is fine with the default layout and styling, it’s okay, the problem is they want a fancy one, which raises the question, why bother with this crap in the first place
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    Lol Microsoft
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    Not to mention a lof of link using a fucking span with js to for the href

    If this isn’t the most cancerous thing I have to develop then I don’t know what is
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    Quite lazy not taking the screenshot and just editing away the data mentioned
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    @jespersh well I have jobs to worked on and my point is the way they render the html structure for us to read is just.... amazing
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    @dthree it’s like a template website made so people who aren’t code friendly could develop it. You probably know how it will end up. A template framework is... easy to made but hard to modify. So I hate this because the client would ask something that’s not on sharepoint therefore I have to create a hack with js, which defeat the purpose of sharepoint

    Why you ask? Hope you didn’t have to be in this development ecosystem, because it’s certaintly not fun
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