Saying that Sharepoint was coded by a bunch of trained monkeys would be an understatement and an insult to monkeys. Why is it such a bloody mess? 😡

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    ... and corporations buy it!
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    They teach that shit here in highschool.
    I just wrote all the code into notepad and was done faster than everyone else.
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    It is legitimately the worst shit on the entire planet..
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    so true.
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    I never used it and actually don't know what it does but from seeing it and the kind of people that work with it i knew something is bad
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    ++ for the tags 🤣 🤣 🤣 definitely run!!! I've also never used SharePoint before but I looked up once while I was working on a filing system project last year. Read the specs and thought it would be amazing, guess now I know
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    On of our clients ordered an intranet from us, temporary intranet for when they merged, then they were going to use Sharepoint... they're still on the temporary intranet and asks us regularly for extensions

    All code is thrown together, because it was going to last 2-3 months... that's now 7 months ago
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