Out of all microsoft products I have got assigned to, I got a motherfucking sharepoint

Life is sad, I’m so sad

:( :( :(

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    @YeahOkay depends, my first programming for web is c# so I have been using microsoft products for quite a while

    Only this piece of shit is the worse
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    At my previous company I was asked to develop an internal system in SharePoint that I have no idea about and spent about 1 month just to confess them its not possible to use SharePoint for this project. At the end they told me, we wanted to use SharePoint because the "Director" asked us to use the cloud!

    Weak ass management don't know what they are talking about!
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    @FahadAlt same feeling, I dunno why we wanna use this shit when all of us could perfectly build an app like what sharepoint offer
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