After four years of debate, the Telecom Authority of India decided that net neutrality will be the official policy of indian telecom. Any form of discrimination or interference in treatment or content like blocking, slowing down or preferential speed is restricted.

Guess they pulled their head outta their arses on this one.

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    I have to say I'm pretty happy about that. Wish everywhere else would follow suit...
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    I don't understand why there was a debate this long. Respecting human rights is common sense.
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    TRAI should have fucked those companies long ago.
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    @Cyanide companies gotta lotta monies.
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    @Cyanide It's only common sense for decent human beings, unfortunately. And the world is filled with all the others.
    Anyway, like you, I'm glad they did that.
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    @Cyanide exactly. it's common sense. but not business sense.
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    Guess our politicians don't own any ISP or related companies. Good that they stopped with TV channels.
    Else they wouldn't have allowed this to happen 😂
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    @Cyanide Check out the US. Common sense? Nope. The land of the free is getting less so daily. And now we get a new Supreme Court idiot who is going to make it even worse. We're all fucked.
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    And this law will probably be up for debate again in 10 years. The Obama administration dealt with nn and made the right decision, but of course that wasn't the end of it.

    Never got serious about leaving America but y'know I think it's something to consider now.
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