Recently gave such an horrible interview that I wanted to leave in the middle just to save me from further embarassment...
Don't know how to recover from this.

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    🤷‍♂️ it’ll just become a story, embraces it learn from the mistake... and maybe do mock ones with mates so you know it’s alright 😂

    Seriously, like if you shat yourself fell broke a vase head planted the desk and joked yourself. Just own it. People can’t embarrass you if you do 😉be like “yeah and 🤷‍♂️”

    My worst meeting I was 15 mins late got out the taxi and then dropped my laptop all sweaty came in in a rush, damaged laptop... still did the meeting. Seriously nerve wracking as it was 6 people asking me questions 😒 impossible

    Didn’t get it, guess what though it was certainly an experience
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    @FitzSuperUser thanks , I appreciate it , hopefully I'll be well prepared for next one.
    Here I became so nervous, even messed up the basic questions.
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    Why don’t share the entire story on a rant? It would make a great one!
    However, even if it went bad, maybe it was positive to you so you can avoid the same mistakes in the future :)
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    @izain 🍻 cheers bro!

    it happened to everyone, including your interviewer.

    and as long as this harden your skin and gives you a little lesson to learn for next time, it's not even bad

    we're humans, segmentation fault happens 😉
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    @thatsnotnice thanks man.. yes I will prepare that much better for future interviews.
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    @2lazy2debug yes, maybe I will soon.
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    @izain Watch the latest version of Silicon Valley you’ll get what I mean!
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    What just happened!?

    Some guy wants to hire me very suddenly I was just chill having a conversation with the guy

    He asked how I feel working for others ... didn’t occur to me.

    Chatted some more ... he asked for my cv ... under the premise of “I want to see if I can help you find work” so he could learn about it

    It still didn’t click

    Then I got the email 😳 I was so not prepared for that

    I’m literally sat like 😮🤔
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