Placeholder, huh?
Who needs the CSS property?

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    txtsearch.addEventListener (‘click’, function() {
    txtsearch.value = “”;

    In microsoft we don’t use css, we use js

    Set the height? Js
    Hide element? Js
    a tag href? Js

    I have seen enough spaghetti today
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    onclick="this.value=this.value?this.value:'default text';"
    was at least my attempt before meeting placeholder. might be not brilliant but at least usable.
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    html5? Anyone?
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    <input type="text" placeholder="DevRant"></input>
    Why not just use that like a sane human being?
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    of course! some just wanted to point out that a useful behaviour could be accomplished even before the golden age of html5.
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    @PrivateGER because I legit working on a website using microsoft products that used <span onclick=“window.location=‘...’”></span> I swear this isn’t funny
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