Client: Why is this not working?

Me: Because the feature expect a...

Client: I sure hope you won’t expect your client to want to know all these teach behind this feature, as a client, I just expect it to work.

Me: Ok...

Client: So why isn’t it working now? WHY?

Me: 🤦🏽‍♂️

Client: I need a response!

Me: It is not working because...

Client: Stop telling me logics!! I just want it to work. Why isn’t it working...

Me: It is not working because I fucked up. It will work after I fix it.

Client: Why isn’t it working though... I don’t understand why...

Me: Just let me fix it and it will work...

Client: Why can’t you tell me why... it’s not good communication... (hangs up)

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    not sure if connection issues or dumb client
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    It is not working because I am here losing my time talking to you instead of fixing it.
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    @cafecortado one time i did said something like that lol. he just hang up
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    Your client is borderline mentally handicapped.
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    Client is just like my nephew who is always like,
    Kid - Can we play game ?
    Me - No.
    Kid - Why?
    Me - I'm working.
    Kid - But ,why r u working?
    *And he soon asks questions that forces me to rethink what I'm doing with my life*
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    @Arjit i wish my clients’ whys would do that to me too
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    Client: why isn't it working?! Explain hooman!

    You: apparently someone used your access credentials to search for illegal pr0n, don't worry I'm on it.

    Client: ...wha? ...how? *Confused*

    You: worry not, I'm cleaning the mess you go on with your life.
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    Don’t worry, he/she is just having a stroke probably...
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    @JKyll I laughed so hard to this. I'm surely gonna use that someday.
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    I would not have been kind.
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    @godot I broke my client 😂
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    I would just slap him in his stupid face.
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    This is the worst fucking client I've ever heard of. Fuck him. I hope he dies alone in a ditch wearing a clown costume
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