Man .. sitting for hours ,staring at computer screen is damn tyring.
I'm having concerns about my health already ,I wonder how people in the industry manage it.
And yeah ,my back aches so bad😭😭

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    learnt to sit proper more often

    standing desk helps, even a prop up ghetto stander

    ergo bs like keyboard and mouse if you can feel it affecting you from there

    had an infection from belts/shirt combo, started dressing more relaxed for 'medical' reasons

    and if you wear them - SHOES

    but you're sitting? NO! get lose fitting, comfortable shoes. i went barefoot/minimalist shoes and it's made a big diff
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    Arjit bhai, I feel you.
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    Bhai spottedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@Cyanide
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    Sports after work. Requires desciplene but is so good...
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    I believe that is the only way of interaction with real world as a developer.
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    @Arjit you can go get shitfaced to interact with ppl? xp
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    I'm just 19
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    @Arjit move to another country! break the law! fuk the law! show up to a tavern like youre a regular and get obliterated!

    or i mean, personally i say fuk ppl
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    Thanks for the advice..
    I'll fuk the law and ppl
    Gonna start doing wat I want to instead of caring about what others will think πŸ˜”@zlice
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    Gym. Exercise. Sport. It'll put your parts where they're supposed to be.
    Also raise motivation
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    Get computer glasses

    Less eye tiredness :)

    Also proper sitting down helps, do not lock your office chair to let your back roam freely
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    thought of something else, was gona try to find this but x-x fahk - thankfully someone posted


    dead bug exercise and other lower back workouts may help
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    Try to get up and walk for at least a minute every hour if you have the chance. Also regular exercise after work helps.
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    Still, thanks πŸ˜‚@zlice
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    Yea, that sounds good@ElaineG
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    Oh. f.lux is a nice programm which takes away the blue part of the light of the screen. It helps a lot to keep the eyes less tired
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    Its awsum
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