*Friday morning*

Me: "Ok the client wants to talk with you on Wednesday at 10 am. It's a conference call on Hangouts, here's the link: [ link ]. Be on time, I have already sent you all the details about the topics you'll have to cover. I will be available during the weekend if you need help, we cannot afford to make mistakes"

Smartass Dev: "Don't worry, I am on it"

*Tuesday, after lunch break*

Me: "Just a final check: is everything clear with my email? I'm working late tonight, call me if you need something else. They'll probably share some slides, be sure to join from your laptop: [ link ]"

Smartass Dev: "No problem, I am fine"

*Wednesday, 11.15 am*

Smartass Dev: "Hey, what a shitty client! I waited more than an hour and they did not even tell me that the call was canceled. This is so unprofessional."

Me: "The call was not canceled"

Smartass Dev: "Dude, I had my phone here on the desk. I was ready to answer but they never called"

Me: "Did you open the link?"

Smartass Dev: "What link?????"

Me: "It was on Hangouts, I sent you the link twice"

Smartass Dev: "Really...? I'm so unlucky these days. Next time will be better 🙂"

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