Receive a Nexus from my University to test new features on Android and now it have a wide crack on the screen.
I don't have the courage to tell the University

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    Say there was a bug in the code that caused it
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    Say it's the wallpaper
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    You don't need courage but a working mouth. Tell the what happened, it's not like you could make it unbreakable. And I bet they foresaw such thing happening
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    Guess why you got the 5
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    I almost said "why didn't you just take a screenshot" but then I read it.
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    I'm waiting for the guy who will say, why did you take a photo of the screen when it's easy to screenshot xD 😂
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    @lucifyer I was almost that guy!
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    Last time I received something from my University to test the code was a pen and a paper notepad.
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    The question is: will we see a new rant in this community that sounds like "Never loan students University hardware to develop on" anytime soon? XD
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    You are not 5 years old, noone is gonna kill you for that
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    @sergggio No idea where you live that 5 year olds get killed for cracking a phone screen O.o
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    shit on Android n i have s7 and neither got it xD
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    On the bright side, theres people that do far worse if you check /r/techsupportgore
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    You really fucked up...
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    It's a nexus so...
    fastboot oem unlock
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    Have fun!
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