When your co-worker of 2 years forgets to sweeten your tea.. (on the last day of a sprint no less)

where my fellow while(tea > 0){write(code)} peeps at

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    Why spoil a perfectly good tea with something that completely hides its taste and aroma?
    It's like putting ketchup on foie gras
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    Can I ask where you are from?
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    @AndSoWeCode Well to be fair, in southern US we drink cold and sweetened tea. As far as i know, it tastes very different from hot tea that most people refer to on dR.
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    @Stuxnet some flat piece of land in Europe

    @AndSoWeCode my experience is different, I find the sugar brings out more of the flavor, its like adding salt to chocolate
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    @dakkarant Ah ok. i thought maybe you were from the states. Some of us love our cold and sweetened tea.

    I used to be very addicted, but now i rarely drink it.
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    @Stuxnet I love my tea with a splash of milk and sugar haha :P
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    Me like it plain

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    @AndSoWeCode Also, I'd 100% put ketchup on foie gras. I'm that guy for sure.

    Steak? Needs ketchup.

    Chicken? Needs ketchup.

    Pork? Most of it needs ketchup.

    Fries? Needs ketchup.

    Burger? Ketchup

    Hot dog? Ketchup

    I hope you get the point lmao
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    @Stuxnet if its good ketchup, a little dash of it never hurts
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    @dakkarant Plot twist: all ketchup is good ketchup.

    Except spicy ketchup; that's basically like a tomato flavored hot sauce.
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    @Stuxnet bah, you underestimate the power of ketchup vs Ketchup++ (binging with babish hymalian ketchup recipe)
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    @Stuxnet i want southern sweat tea T_T
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    @devTea i usually take plain too. and ofc you'd comment on tea. btw every time i see your name i think "yup in my dev-tea"
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    @zlice I will and always be there whenever someone mentioned tea :D
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    @zlice Honestly, it's overrated and the chances of finding somewhere that makes good tea is rare.
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    @Stuxnet but when you find the rares. oh those red drops .o0O0O(PSO boxes)
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    @devTea Green tea VS black tea ???????
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    @illegaldisease BLAAACKCKK, I have never had a good green one before, maybe I have got a good one I’ll change. Also I’m currently learning the blackest of black, last time I tried I almost puked myself, the flavour was too strong
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    @illegaldisease i don't, like, see color. tea is just tea man

    but foh reel doh, there was this pear tea i had once, it was supposedly white tea. best - ever. haven't found it again.

    and no i'm not devtea but i'm giving you my 2 cents, now go ride the 1 penny horsey
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    @devTea Eww. That strong is not good for your stomach either.

    Green tea is good, has more calming effects and literally made me give up on coffee for good. Also gets me in the mood for development.

    I am at the point that i am actually bored of tea because i tried too many things on it.
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    @illegaldisease I had it once, I thought maybe I prepared it the wrong way. So if it stays like that after a couple times, I’ll avoid it in the future. Yes lightweight tea is the best tea for me
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    @devTea You probably didn't. Tea is something you can't really fuck up that easily.

    I even tried adding thyme, not my taste but it wasn't bad.
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    @zlice It doesn't matter if you are not devtea, but i didn't notice your reply :( i never had white tea, i long to find and destroy it. Give me two more cents so i can save money for it.
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    @illegaldisease i'll give you 5

    go - hunt - for - that - shit!
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    @zlice Hell yes i will !
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