Raise your hand if you legitimately pair-program at least once a week or more!

Your some rad cats!


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    I really hate it.

    I'd love any suggestions for coping mechanisms 😂
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    @nate It’s not always supposed to feel comfortable.

    It’s about someone else pointing out how you could do better (or how your an idiot) before things get too deep and it takes hours to debug.

    Treat it like a driver and a navigator, the navigator suggested and researches, but in the end the driver try’s things and retries them.

    Everyone, always, debugs.
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    I'm not sure if I'd get to like it at some point, since I'm preferably alone and undisturbed at my computer and I have not yet found a pal above my level who would be helpful at all (we're only 4 devs and I'm the most experienced).
    But nervertheless I see some good points in pair programming.
    We mostly handle difficult bugs by having a coffee and discuss what it should do and where possible errors could come from.
    In most cases, you know in which part the bug appears. Tracking it back and sorting out input parameters, we mostly find bugs pretty quickly this way.

    I think pair programming could be most valuable with an intern and a dev.
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    I would, but I literally do not know any other developers within 2000km.
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    @leanrob I guess I would say that I don't know many people who appreciate a 'backseat driver'?

    I'm all for learning from others, but I prefer doing this in a code review than pairing?
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