Hmmmm so the MacBook I'm looking at just got upgraded with a new CPU and better screen... Hmmmm if only the 16gb of RAM didn't cost so much!

Still think I might go for it, general consensus seems that it's the better option over a pixelbook

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    I'd personally go with an XPS, but yeah MBP is probably better than a Pixelbook

    - diehard anti-Apple guy here (low-key hurt to say those dreadful words lmao)
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    Can't you upgrade to 16 from an 8 later on? It was cheaper for me with my 2013 model.
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    @AleCx04 no, it's all on the motherboard, pain in the ass
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    @Stuxnet fair point and I would but I'm looking for a Mac just for the os and portability combined unfortunately
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    I got it and holy shit apple have what I think is the best customer service... Like holy shit
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    @lxmcf They fucking better with the exorbitant prices they charge.
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    @datawraith well can confirm, he called me up and we ended up talking about how great USB-C is for like 20 minutes lol
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    I hope you don't have any standard USB devices or else you'll be using dongles for days. Also, good luck with the 'Nam flashbacks from the keyboard.
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    So much money gone :(
    But atleast you can probably sell it in a few years without losing a lot money.
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    @RiderExMachina nah I've been pure C for a couple years now

    @jonii and exactly, they hold there value for ages
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