Just finished a 18 hour coding day (It‘s 5:30am here). I just realized that coding is one of the few things I really get in the zone (flow state). It‘s so awesome how I can forget everything around me and be 100% focused on what I‘m doing. And the best thing: I really feel relaxed now.

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    @0x2142 I love to listen to music too, when I do such long coding sessions. :)
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    I miss it so much.

    I work at home because the office is really far away, almost dangerously hot, and really quite scary. (Very very high crime area, 30 minutes away, in the desert, in July. Yuck!)

    But home is very noisy, very cramped, very cluttered, and I get asked to help with almost everything.

    I yell and insist I need to work, but it does very little good. I've gotten maybe four real hours of work in this week. It's Friday. My deadline was Tuesday. ☹

    I can't get too mad, though, because there are good reasons for some of the demands on my time. But it's still so frustrating.
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    Well done on the coding marathon. Careful, you’ll lose touch with reality and become part of the Matrix if it becomes a habit
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    It's all fun and games until you get so into it that you completely lose any sense of self awareness, start audibly celebrating bugfixes and annoy your coworkers.

    At least that happend to me..
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    @Root I'm sure there will be a better time and you find a way how to be productive @home 🙏
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