What fresh hell is this ??????
I lost my earbuds TWICE within 2 weeks !!!!
I swear I had em last night when I put em in pouch , and now I see only 1 earbud.

|-_-|-_-| FUCK MY LIFE |-_-|-_-|
Rent me an earbud or kill me, PLEASE

It saddens me to think I'll not fulfill my endorphins quota today :(

The only enjoyment I have in my life is gymming to heavy bass, the endorphins keep me alive, everything else in life is shit right now : unhappy job, stress from GRE prep, no gf, staying away from family

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    If you're running around with that silly looking toothbrush head Apple crap, I hope you lose a bunch more, until you understand you've been scammed.

    Those things are utterly pointless and made for fools. They don't offer the noise canceling and sound quality of over ear headphones, but at least they look stupid and are easy to drop.
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    @AlexDeLarge I lost the eartips , not the entire earphone. I don't use Apple products mostly because can't afford em.
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