-> "cs" friend wants to install "linux" on his laptop
->won't do it himself cuz cuckhole is afraid of ruining his original windows installation
->shitfuck bugging me for months and I always deny saying he needs to learn this shit too
->finally decide to help him, get a "linux" and go to the craphole he dwells in
->laptop looks high end, bezel less and what not. Also has a 120gigs ssd.
-> decide to partition it. Shit.
->ssd has less dan 40gigs left. Check and see there's ntn but a few store apps and visual studio installed+some personal data. Hmm where the fuck is the missing space.
->few mins of fkin shit around, decide to see size of windows installation
->windows+fuckYouUpdates takes > 50gigs of Precious and COSTLY ssd space
->tell my friend to reset windows, he denies and i nope the fuck outta there.(ik uninstalling updates and clearing cache and stuff might release space but not spending my whole fkin eve doing that thanks)

I don't hate windows, i love pc gaming but THIS is some shady shit microsoft fuck u and your worthless imbecile space sucking updates

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    Why does he want Linux, if he's not even able to install it himself?

    Not trying to say it's not for regular users, but they usually don't care what it is as long as it works and he seems to have a working OS. This confuses me so much.
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    Oh yeah he's a computer science student. I think his peers and uni use linux all the time and he just wants a piece of the action. Felt sympathetic before but fuck that ignorant piece of shit. Oh i think its worth mentioning he's in an IIT, this country's most reputed uni(s)
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    @yatanvesh he sounds like one of these guys who do CS because they think it's a profitable and future-proof job, not because they have any interest in it. Then they think they can just get the degree and job with not ever developing an interest.
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    U r absolutely right. Last i met him he said he had been doing competitive programming all year. Never learned anything except core python and c++. In contrast I love making stuff, learning new libraries and frameworks. He had the nerve to tell me that his kind makes much more money and sarcastically commented on my skills. I think the money part may be right but fuck that guy for shaming my interests. Fuck his sorry lil baby arse who cant even maintain a costly laptop and install a freaking linux. @jonii
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    Bloody JEE Advance!
    This entrance test, sees ppls capabilities on other subs like physics, chemistry, maths not on sub u want to join.

    I wish there must be a interview kinda thing before admission, which test his previous knowledge on his core sub

    These ppl could have been kicked out easily
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    As with anything, if he wants it, he should put in the effort himself.

    Conversely: if you give in and help someone who refuses to help themselves, and something goes awry, they will blame you and will learn nothing else from the experience. You're out time, effort, and respect for nothing but irritation and/or disdain in return. Not a good trade.
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    Apart from "CS" friend being a dick, I agree with you: fck Windows Update.

    The fucker wants several Go for a fricking update, (that's already huge), BUT it also definitely WANTS 12Go of those to be on the boot partition (which, for me, is a small SSD not meant to receive so much crap).

    I have 700 or 800Go available on my HDD, but nope, cannot install the update. Fuck you.
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    With diskcleaner? Its like 2 seconds. But I agree why doesn't he do it himself
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    Windows does not deserve an ssd @Fradow
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    Well this clears a lot of things thanks @mgaruccio
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    I know it's doable, but I just absolutely do not trust Windows enough to have it share a computer with another OS. Also, fastboot is voodoo to me, so to me, dual booting feels like asking for trouble.
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    @bahua I'm running a dual boot setup with Windows and Arch, can definitely understand you. It's a source of constant anxiety for me, lol.
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    @jonii you are 100% correct. In India most students those opt out try to get in computer science do it so that they can assure good job or so.

    Fuck those assholes!!
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    @bahua I'm triple boot with one of OS as windows 10.
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    Yeah, Windows has specific uses, so I keep it in its own prison-like box that only gets turned on when I have a Windows task. Linux is all purpose and works better for general use, for me, so that's my daily driver.
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    Me too. It never gives me any 'unexpected' surprises. @bahua
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