Can we all take a moment to appreciate what a complete mess web technologies are.

We're abusing a markup language made for scientific writing, by styling it with css and in order to make it dynamic somehow, we run a weird ass scripting language on the clientside.

Because nobody really wants to use this burning garbage can, some of us invented web frameworks.

And let's not get started on php...

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    The fact that there is someone out there that could use this ‘mess’ to create a structured and beautiful document makes it more amazing

    Also welcome to devrant
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    The fact that the internet used to be a military project and now plays a big role in revolutionary and freedom fights is funny I think.
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    Also lets's not forget tools that are trying to compensate all that inconsistency between versions and implementations by adding even more mess with plugins, versions, loaders and endless maze of configuration. That feeling when third sentence in tool docs is "out of box it doesn't do anything".
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    At least autoplay is slowly dying, if that's a comfort
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    Couldn't agree more. The more we force web technologies to do things they were never intended to do, the more they spread and grow in an organic sprawl in the effort to cope. It's like some horrible, cancerous road to perdition, and I for one just want to get off it.
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    @whoneedsgit are you sure? Becaus last time I heard, Facebook was adding them to Messenger. This shit probably won't die anytime soon, even if it was only for fucking ads that bring much more money that traditional ones
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    yeah, browsers have started to restrict it as of recently

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    @teadrinker and now everyone is trying to replace mobile and desktop apps with those shitty web frameworks which run like shit. The only good app running on Electron is VS Code, the rest of them should just die. I get it, it's expensive to maintain 3-4 codebases, but fuck, if I'm really installing a software, I want it to run as good as possible
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    @whoneedsgit does it also apply to Youtube? If not, they are fucking cunts
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    Again, I'm in total agreement!@DawidCyron
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    @DawidCyron YouTube doesn't Autoplay, does it?
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    @jonii @DawidCyron

    The article pretty much explains this

    tldr: If Media Engagement Score is high, autoplay is allowed

    If you use youtube, it will probaly have a high score and therefore allow it
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    @jonii well, it does when you enter someones profile (that stupid highlited video plays)
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    @jonii YouTube waits until the page containing the video has focus, or at least it does in the browsers I use. This doesn’t bother me as much since I usually navigated to that page specifically for the video.

    Edit: Yeah, and the highlight video on profile home pages usually do, too.
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    The http protocoll itself is incredibly outdated when you think about it. The concept of request and response made sense in the early days of the web but modern apps rely on a steady connection between frontend and backend, so we use XHR as a whacky workaround. Just imagine a protocoll that would allow you writing server side code to natively respond to user inputs. But alas, we can dream.
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