And on Fridays we all say together...

✨ DON'T ✨

✨ PUSH ✨
✨ ✨
✨ TO ✨


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    +1 for effort
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    One developer pushed to production and now we're doing a rollback because it wasn't well tested so it broke our application... So yup, no deploys on Friday u.u
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    @hckmar -1 for effort
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    @sudocode we deploy updates on the first friday in the month, except windows server.
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    @sudocode yeah u.u bad ape
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    Didn't work
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    We deploy multiple times a day because of the sexy pipeline

    Even on fridays 😁
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    @stop Very strategic but its time to @stop
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    @sudocode we make it from 3-6 in the morning. All other times are not possible.
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    @stop what r u working on?
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    @baronsindo servers of customers with 24x7 SLAs.
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    Push to production then bugger off to Prague for the weekend
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    Haha joke's on you, we can safely deploy on Fridays, because we work in the weekends as well....😄....🤔....😐....😫
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    I did 2 hours ago. Phone on plane ✈ mode for the week-end
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    Yes and no depending on tech maturity of the team! And also deployment impact!
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    @stop windoze is scary 👻
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    @swablu my team does not wondows. And they patch weekly.
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    So you copy from Kelly Vaughn's Twitter. Outstanding move.
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    Eh, she's written a neat Freelancing 101 article on Devto -- but as far as her Twitter & dev merch website goes... it's not like that content is original to the point where she deserves credit for it.

    Not throwing shade at her for trying to make some extra bucks out of overused dev memes, but these kinds of tropes are so old Ada Lovelace probably dressed up Anne Blunt in a "hello world" baby shirt.
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    No we dont do that, we do execute just written and tested for 15 minutes queries on production on Friday.
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    I pushed to prod today and left the office 30 minutes later. Hope I didn't break anything.
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    But did you ?
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    @Teknas to push or not to push - that is the question!
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    Copy paste from Kelly's tweet?
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