As a part of the university, I have to get an internship for 20 weeks. I wondered if anyone had an idea for a type of company (not a specific one) that would be fun to try out?

I’m studying as a software engineer. I have a lot of experience programming, so I figured I’d like to try out a different kind of company, I don’t know what type though. I want to enhance my experiences as an engineer. That is not necessarily as a programmer (though it could be by programming), but I want to probably work among multiple kinds of engineers or something.

I don’t know, I just figured that some here had an idea to something that isn’t the most obvious choice.

The country isn’t relevant since I don’t ask for a specific company, but it might be relevant to mention that I live in Europe.

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    Hmmm. They don't give you a list of companies to choose from?
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    I can choose whichever company I feel like. I just have to get it approved by the university
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    @not-sure we talking software or web?
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    @for-Each I have both personal and professional experience with backend and front end in web development, machine learning, game development (not professional here) and server administration.

    The other day I just realized that a software engineer not necessarily have to work at a software company, and thus wanted to try something atypical.
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    @not-sure could try looking into e-commerce for internships, while it’s not the most entertaining it certainly give you a wider perspective when working with different stacks
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