Can someone explain the node_modules joke to me please? I've seen it quite a bit now, but I still don't get it. (Attached an example from https://devrant.com/rants/760537/...). Thanks in advance.

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    Node modules has a tendency to become huge as some libraries depend on 50 other libraries but only use a function or two from each
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    The more mass something has the more it warps space around it. The joke is that node modules have more mass than black holes. See https://space.com/1976-black-hole-p...
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    @ItsNotMyFault Thanks!
    @bkwilliams Based on @ItsNotMyFault's answer, the joke is not about the warping space time part, but about the lots of mass (size in node_modules) part, but thanks anyway.
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    I think it’s not relatable anymore, because the problem, joke was about, was solved. Anyway, a few years ago npm dependencies was stored in recursive approach, in other words, each dependency had it’s own separate copy of it’s dependencies. So node_modules became so deep, that even if you tried you could never reach the end of the directory tree. So as you see, joke was about deep directories, that it took more mass than a black hole.
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    It's not just node it's package management in general... To do ftp syncing in php with a library involved 90 files using composer... My version in procedural was 90 lines 1x file
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    Wow. What an anti-post.
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