Heaviest Objects In The Universe

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    The burn goes deep with this one.
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    i started looking at nodejs for desktop programs recently and i just cant get over the dependencies ( err packages ) needed to do almost anything.

    50mb application for a blank page that says “yay i works” 😰
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    I just came over this at work today. One shouldnt look into node_modules folder.
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    while (this.parent.GetType() == meme.GetType())
    this.parent.tags[3] = 'source: obviously fucking 9gag or Reddit';

    this.parent.Comment('I FUCKING HATE MEMES ARGHHHH');


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    9gag?? 9gag has dev memes? It was filled with 12 year olds last I've been there...
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    @kamikaze996 shit in general, it's a mixture of normal shit and mouldy runny shit (the users brains being the latter)
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    It happens when you code in intellij product and forget to exclude the folder 😂
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    The next one is supposed to say "your mum"
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    This is sad to be honest
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