Vacation for two weeks, fuck yeah, two weeks of not having to give a single fuck about customers and their problems.


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    @AlpineLinnix have two more weeks left to claim for my contractual year 😁
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    Jikes, i got 7 this year, starting the first 4 weeks today (saving the other 3 for winter)
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    Me too, yay!
    Are you doig anything special or just sleeping in and eating cereals all day?
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    @jonii Partying (two festivals), working on multiple side projects and one week Germany with my mates!
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    Enjoy man! Going somewhere or just relaxing at home?
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    Bier en frieten, beste combinatie ever 😁 have fun!
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    @linuxxx oh I envy you, two festivals sound like a lot of fun! Also where in Germany will you be?
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    @jonii somewhere south πŸ˜…
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    Savor the time off
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    @linuxxx for the beer I guess? :)
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    I'm going to ask for vacation soon, too.
    I've never taken one before. (From work, at least)
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    I want a job like this. 7 weeks of vacation ❀
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    @AlexDeLarge One week camping at one place with my best mates. Not meeting any friends as I don’t have irl ones in Germany 😬

    Wouldn’t mind meeting some ranters, though!
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    @Root Me neither! But then, I’m in my first ever year of working after study so yah πŸ˜…
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    Had some issues arranging my off time. But everything is set and I could finally fill out your meetup form.

    Have a great holiday @linuxxx!
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    @hjk101 I had it two weeks ago but thanks πŸ˜…
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    @linuxxx damn the algo is slow πŸ™ƒ
    I mean time flies when you are having it off...
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    ** Suddenly a wild e-mail appears **
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