Ubuntu > Open Terminal Here

Windows >

> open cmd,
> copy folder add
> paste with cd

Linux is Still better :D

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    you have to add some shit to get a "open cmd here" from the file menu

    sometimes shift+right click works
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    @zlice Nope it's only available open with windows power shell
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    @danushka96 nope, in every explorer window u can shift+right click in empty white space, choose, 'open cmd here'
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    @danushka96 Powershell is cmd, but better. And you can still have the "Open with CMD" dialog. So Linux distros are the same as Windows on that factor.
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    @BadCompany Still not found on windows 10. :D but found a tutorial on editing some registries and bla bla bla.... to get open cmd here to the right click menu.
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    @Stuxnet I agree. Whatever no means.
    @zlice Yep but thats no hard core science and sometimes the powershell is sufficient
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    You can also write cmd in the textbox with the path
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    @hypervtechnics No to "Linux is still better."

    No OS is superior. They all have pros and cons. They all have their niche and purpose.
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    ya, windows has games

    linux has servers and configurability

    and mac has fanboys =p


    and i almost forgot BSD. BSDs have the most hope. oh poor BSD
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    @zlice Spot on.
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    Cool trick:
    In explorer go to the path
    And write cmd or powershell
    Cmd or Powershell will open with that directory
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