I have been using CakePHP 1.3 and 2.x fore some years. I built two custom platforms on them that we used for almost every project at work, and also some of my freelance ones.

We've built all kind of stuff, from basic CMS to large scale CRM/ERP systems, and it held it's own!

But now I wanna build another one! :D

I wanna build a platform on CakePHP 3.x fore sume time at work, but the constant flow of projects leaves little time for this.

And I am not talking about the shitty stuff like the sorry attempts you can find oh GitHub right now, that I never even managed to use once for a real project (I really tired!), I am talking about a real platform, for real world projects, with a real world interface, and real world functionallity, for real world use cases!

I was thinking to start an open source project, but I never managed one so I have some concerns...

Like it will not get any contributors and I will eventually do it on my own anyway, or like it WILL get traction and I will not be able to manage the project, or the community.

I am the head of the dev dept at work, but open source seems like a whole new ball game for me...

Anyway, what do you people think? Would you work on something like that? Would you use it? Should I create a GitHub project and add a collab? Or is it doomed already?

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