Just bought a Yubikey, let’s boost my security a bit!

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    @fuck2code the yubikey 4, it seemed to be the most versatile.
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    @fuck2code that's unfortunate, I would rather have the yubikey be open-source (again) too.

    Well, I will see if I get hacked because they fucked up in their closed-source-thingy. ;)
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    @TobyAsE I've had one for awhile. Been trying to hack it in my spare time. So far it's rock solid. Only thing that i found on it that i would call a security issue is the touch otp. A javascript keylogger can be used to track an yubikey if you mess up and touch the key while a webpage is focused. I've only found a proof of concept on it so far though
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    @fuck2code Ordered that same one and wanted to return it after finding this out. Support is dead silent 😡
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